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There are so many people out there touting their wellness routines on Instagram. I follow people from fitness trainers to nutritionists and dietitians to literally just regular people who have amassed a huge following just by being themselves (or at least the parts they want to show on social media). I’ve learned from all of their different types of wellness routines. There’s no one way to take care of yourself mentally and physically. There are common themes across the board, like meditation (that in and of itself is different for everyone; it’s not just sitting and humming), exercise (can be any kind of movement that gets the blood and heart flowing, including power yoga), eating, the outdoors, CBD, skin care, baths, the list goes on and on.

I’m sharing my routine now. If you’re here, you’re probably like me searching for the answers to “what is the wellness routine that I need to adopt?” I’m here to tell you that it is whatever you want it to be. Wellness looks different for everyone. There are underlying similarities between everyone’s routines, but ultimately it’s whatever you have time for to take care of yourself at the time that serves you best. If journaling or listing out affirmations every morning helps you be your best self, then do that. That’s not included in my morning routine.

I don’t have a concrete morning routine besides making breakfast and french press coffee while listening to music. I try to wake up at a certain time that’ll let me have a slow morning and not rush to make breakfast before work so I can jam out to the music a little and enjoy the morning. Besides that, I have a few activities that keep me from burning out and lift my mood when I need an extra boost:

  1. Dance like no one’s watching in front of your bedroom mirror
  2. Watch Netflix/HBO/Hulu/etc
    1. Anything that is calming, like an old reliable sitcom or Great British Baking Show
  3. Deep breaths
    1. When I can catch myself in a moment of spiraling anxiety, I try to pause and focus on my breath. Using the Box Breathing method: inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4, and exhale for 4. You can search for other breathing techniques online or download a meditation app like Calm.
  4. Baking or cooking
    1. When I need to get my mind off of something, this is a task with a great reward. I love baking anything from Rachael’s Good Eats (make her chocolate tahini cookies). Cooking and baking are so therapeutic with a chill playlist in the background.
  5. Pinterest
    1. Take a look through my Wise Words Pinterest board for a positivity boost
    2. Scrolling through Pinterest has a much different feel than on Instagram; I love saving recipes to make that make me inspired to cook more
  6. Cleaning
    1. You’ve probably heard the term: a clean space = clean mind, and I 1000% feel this every time I clean and organize my room. If you don’t particularly like cleaning, unlike me, put some music on and dance your way through it!
  7. Exercise
    1. Sometimes all I need is a good sweat to get those endorphins. I may not be in the mood, but just putting on my leggings, sports bra, and sneakers is the very first step to getting me on the mat. One of the good things that have come out of the pandemic is my new workout routine. I now exercise 4 days a week consistently (huge shoutout to Rachael’s Good Eats Workout Guides for the 10+ weeks’ worth of workouts).

I hope these inspire you to build your morning or evening routine and have some activities in your pocket for when you’re not feeling your best. You don’t have to follow mine, or anyone else’s, routine exactly. But it’s always good to keep an open mind when you’re reading what other people are doing; you never know what you might want to try. Whether it just gave you a jumpstart, inspired you to start something new, or something else, I hope you find wellness your way!

Have other wellness activities not listed here? Feel free to comment and share.

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