There are so many people out there touting their wellness routines on social media. I follow people from fitness trainers to nutritionists and dietitians to literally just regular people who have amassed a huge following just by showing themselves. I've learned from all of their different types of wellness routines. There's no singular best way to care for yourself mentally and physically. There are varying techniques. And a common theme I notice is one of slowing down and wholeheartedness. Find the habits that fit your life and your values. Don't let anyone else tell you, you should be doing this or that. Ignore the "should"s of the world. Do what feels right, because ultimately, you know you best. 
Wellness is more than pretty bath bombs and skincare routines. It involves difficult things too. For example, setting boundaries when you need the time for yourself, saying no to people you need a break from, having difficult conversations with someone to address something that's important for you. Before COVID-19, I was in the camp that wellness encompasses the positive, happy habits you build; I was not focusing so much, or at all, on the ones that feel uneasy. Because really, those difficult things weigh down on your mind, and when they're not addressed - being pushed under the rug - eventually they will make their way to the surface. Or you will redirect your negative emotions onto someone out of convenience. Speaking from experience and as someone who is now a huge advocate for therapy, these things are a much bigger part of my wellness routine. Therapy is one technique I use, along with a few other things I do in between sessions. 
Disclaimer: wellness looks different for everyone. There are underlying similarities between everyone's routines, but ultimately it's whatever you have time for to take care of yourself at the time that serves you best. 
1. morning routine -- I try to wake up at the same time that will alllow me to have a slow morning, so I'm not rushing to make breakfast. For me, any time I feel like I'm rushing in the morning before work, I end up having a more anxious day. For that reason, I set my alarm for 6:30 am. This leaves room for me to work out, shower, make breakfast and coffee, and maybe meditate, before logging in for work at 9 am. 
2. Dance like no one's watching in front of your bedroom mirror -- seriously, blast that emo pop playlist (S/O blackbear <3 ) or Post Malone or any of your favorite artists, and just dance your heart out. Especially helpful to, quite literally, shake the nerves out. 
3. Stream shows or classic movies -- this is a tricky one, because once you start an episode, it's hard to stop. Specifically when that is something like Seinfeld or New Girl, or SATC. I've noticed for me personally, I don't feel my best when I binge a ton of episodes in one night. It feels good in the moment because it lets my brain not have to work so hard after a long day. But truthfully, it does more harm than good. Lately, I'm revising this and going for longer episodes (45-60 minutes) of shows, and only watching a max of 2 in one night. My current obsession: The Big Brunch on HBO Max. I love Dan Levy <3 Schitt's Creek fans know. 
4. Deep breathing -- this technique is for the times when life seems unbearable. Something occurred to you, and your mind is spiraling out of control with thoughts, or you can't sleep, or you feel more anxious than usual. There's the common technique of box breathing: inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4. I'm not a breathing expert; that's the only one that has stuck with me. Download any meditation apps and they probably have breathing techniques for you to try. 
5. Baking or Cooking -- when I need to get my mind off of something, this is a task with a great reward. I love baking anything from Rachael's Good Eats (make her chocolate tahini cookies). This is SO therapeutic. With a chill playlist in the background, it is one of my favorite ways to decompress. Bonus: do a cooking project where it takes a few hours to make, like a pie, galette, soup, handmade pasta, etc.
6. Pinterest -- take a look through my Wise Words Pinterest board for a positivity boost :). Scrolling through Pinterest has a much different feel than on Instagram; I love saving recipes to make that make me inspired to cook more. Pinterest is the best platform that will actually help you de-stress. 
7. Cleaning -- You've probably heard this before: clean space = clean mind, and I 1000% feel this every time I clean and organize my room. If you don't particularly like cleaning, put some music on and dance your way through it!
8. Exercise -- Sometimes all I need is a good sweat to get those endorphins. I may not be in the mood, but just putting on my leggings, sports bra, and sneakers is the very first step to getting me on the mat. One of the good things that have come out of the pandemic is my new workout routine. I now exercise 4 days a week consistently (huge shoutout to Rachael's Good Eats Workout Guides for the 10+ weeks' worth of workouts).
9. Going for a walk outside when it's sunny -- don't underestimate the power of a walk. I know this can be daunting in the winter because it's SO COLD, but as long as you layer up, it truly isn't so terrible. Make sure to wear your sunscreen year round, even when you don't think it's that sunny! There's rays year round. Bonus points: on your walk outside, motivate yourself in the winter by getting a hot coffee to hold on your walk. 
10. Journaling -- specifically, brain dump journaling. This comes in SO handy when my mind feels full of thoughts and I just can't bear it. I always leave it to that last second where I'm *this* close to burnout, I write down everything that's on my mind. It doesn't have to make sense at all. This is an exercise to get things off your chest, into a digital or real notepad. 
I hope these inspire you to build an arsenal of wellness habits that will help you live your best life. You don't have to follow mine, or anyone else's, routine exactly. But it's always good to keep an open mind when you're reading what other people are doing; you never know what you might want to try. Whether it just gave you a jumpstart, inspired you to start something new, or something else, I hope you find wellness your way! 

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