Originally, this website was to show my unique relationship with food (and look at the content now). During my middle school years and younger, I knew very little about food besides the obvious: it gives us energy, and it tastes SO good. As I got older and watched more Food Network shows, I started to cook more. I paid more attention to what I was putting into my body. I didn't know it then, but I lived by my own food rules. Granted, some of those rules had to change as I realized I'm a bit lactose intolerant and have adverse reactions to certain foods. 
College was my biggest, most drastic journey with food. I experimented with tofu a little more (made tofu scramble for the first time!). I attempted to ditch dairy for good and tried a variety of alternative milk. Now, my favorite milk is almond and oat. In lifestyle news, I started going to the gym freshman year. I was clueless my first time stepping foot into the dorm gym, very much overwhelmed by all the weight machines. Now it's 6 years later, and I know my way around almost any machine. 
Throughout my college years, I followed my fair share of food & fitness bloggers promoting fad diets. I listened and watched, but I was always skeptical that these diets weren't for me, in the long run at least. The most popular one was the low-carb diet, it was ingrained in me that eating too many carbs was horrible, and I felt shame whenever I felt like I ate too much or someone called out that I ate too much in proportion to my size (I'm 5'3" for reference). 
In all my years following influencers, I only attempted a low-carb diet once. I was convinced that the only way to lose weight was to have self-control and just eat less in general, especially the food I loved most. With that thought pattern, my weight fluctuated a lot. I always focused on the negative parts of myself when looking in the mirror; I didn't give my body enough love and respect for doing everything else it does to keep me functioning. 
I thought I was in the process of becoming what healthy looks like. It was not that. I learned so much more about nutrition thanks to Lisa Hayim. I completed her Fork The Noises Fundamentals course at the beginning of 2021, along with her Hunger and Fullness course. I could not recommend her classes enough for any woman who has been influenced by diet culture (which is pretty much everyone).
With Lisa's courses, I learned to "fork the outside noise" and adopt intuitive, mindful eating. Since I completed the courses, I'm becoming more aligned with my body's wants and reactions to foods and drinks, and more importantly not shame myself for overeating but learn why and adopt an emotional eating plan. It's difficult to unlearn the "truths" the diet industry and bloggers have spoken, so I'm very much still working on my relationship with myself, but I definitely feel a lot better than I was before. 
On Instagram, I follow a range of food bloggers, nutritionists, and dietitians, and used to be more easily swayed by their words and think I needed to listen to them. However, this time, I've gone through my following list and am only following those who give off good energy, and are not pushing a certain diet in their posts onto others; they just post really good recipes and workouts. I highly recommend following @rachaelsgoodeats: she posts fire live workouts and recipes. No,
To this day, I am not following any diet (besides the keep Glatt Kosher one). I am simply listening to my body, and it's saying: "don't eat so much cheese", "don't have more than 2 cups of coffee", and "you know what you're gonna feel like if you have more chips". Everyone's body is built differently, and I've learned that even when I eat the same food as someone, I won't achieve the same result/look. 
This blog used to be an illustration of only food and well-being, but it's expanded to include more travel recommendations and restaurant reviews as I'm starting to become who I'm meant to be.
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