Restaurant Review: Pil Pil, Upper East Side, NYC

I am in love with this place. With the whole aesthetic, the vibes, and the food. It’s a dimly lit restaurant/wine bar, has an intimate feeling, the service is great, and the food and drinks are just *chef’s kiss*. A coworker recommended this place to me, and I immediately came with my friend. We are huge foodies, so naturally, we had to get a lot of plates and split everything. Everything was fantastic. I would recommend you come here with someone who you’re very close with, because like I said, it has an intimate feeling.

Come here when:

  • you’re meeting with a close friend who you need to catch up with over wine and tapas
  • later in the game dates (2nd or 3rd)
  • sit by the bar for a solo night

Food Rundown:

you must get the cheese plate 🤌🏻

Based on these three pictures, the cheese plate was the real star. Ordered a glass of red instead of sangria this time, but I will definitely be trying their sangria in the future. The cheese plate had 3 cheeses, dijon mustard, guava (or another fruit) jam, olives, and red grapes. A cheese plate is obligatory in my mind at any tapas restaurant. This one truly you cannot go without ordering. Perfect to split between two, or even three, people. 10/10

The fried balls you see are the only vegetarian croquetas on the menu: spinach and manchego. SO GOOD. Came with four balls (perfect split for two). Didn’t get the cheese pull on camera, but there was a small one.

Now onto the bruschetta. This is not your typical bruschetta. Instead of diced tomatoes on warmed up bread, what they did was grate the tomatoes on the warm bread with some garlic (the garlic was very clear!). Maybe not for a date? You do you though. I won’t let a man I’m out with stand between me and some good a** bruschetta. Just bring gum or mints.

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