Restaurant Review: Boqueria, Upper East Side, NYC

I freaking love tapas. It is easily in my top 3 cuisines (right next to Japanese and Mediterranean). Let me explain my love for tapas: as someone who is a big foodie, tapas is the best because it allows you to sample different foods all made for sharing so there’s less possibility that you’ll be stuffed by the end of the meal. It’s also great for all kinds of situations you’re in, whether you’re with family, friends, a potential spouse or co-workers. Everyone bonds together over sangria and all the different plates. Allow me to show you these drool-worthy photos I’ve captured.

Come here when:

  • You’re missing España
  • You want sangria and snacks while you catch up with friends
  • You’re looking for a restaurant for a good crowd

Food Rundown

Things might get a bit blurry after the sangria 🤪
Spanish Tortilla, Patatas, and a Cheese Plate for good measure

Starting from the cheese plate. I MEAN. Enough said. Get the darn cheese plate. Even if you’re kind of lactose intolerant like me, it is worth it. Just remember to pack your lactaid pills. It comes with different jams and grapes and olives and bread. 10/10

Spanish tortilla: essentially a potato pancake, or for my fellow jews, a giant latke. You really can’t go wrong with this. Comes with a flavorful aioli on the side and more bread. 8/10

MORE POTATOES! Famously, the patatas bravas. Okay, this one is non-negotiable. Potatoes are roasted and smothered in sauce and all the fixings. 10/10

Red Sangria and Churros, obviously!

Sangria on the left. Churros on the right. The only way to end a Spanish meal. Filled with a chocolate hazelnut sauce. I shared this with another person, and the portion was perfect. You may want to get more than one if you’re more than two people.

Mid-meal capture (side pic of the salad!)

Nothing new to see here, except that salad in the right corner. Because you need something green and healthy on the table. Very nice addition to the mix. Would recommend! I personally love big lettuce salads. There was parmesan and nuts for crunch. It was really great from what I can remember.

Close up of the churros!!

And to tend this review: a close-up shot of the churros. Let me know if you end up going to this restaurant in the city! They have a few locations in Manhattan. Reply to this post, email, or DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

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