Restaurant Review: Botte, Upper East Side, NYC

Another classic Italian restaurant in Manhattan. Hear me out though: espresso martinis. Now I know those are all the rage right now (I even heard regular martinis are the new thing now), but this place does it right. In my opinion, a good espresso martini has the right balance of sweetness, alcohol, coffee, and a hint of chocolate/mocha. Do not skip the espresso martini at this restaurant for dessert with a slice of tiramisu. You always need dessert, and tiramisu is the best option to get at a classic Italian restaurant like this. The vibes are great too: in between casual and fancy, so it’s great for dates, impress the family, and eat pasta with friends.

Come here when:

  • You’re craving pasta and wine
  • You want an espresso martini with dinner
  • You’re trying to find a restaurant to meet up with a friend or two
Food Rundown:
The most basic: Rigatona Vodka

Yes, I am a basic b****. I love rigatoni vodka. This was pretty good. Not a cut above the rest, but definitely worth a spot on the list of Rigatoni Vodkas in the city (I think we all know who gets #1…rhymes with Marbone). But seriously, this one was good. Nothing to rave about, but you can’t go wrong. 7/10

My friend ordered the ravioli. Also really good! Can’t go wrong at a place like this. You know they take their pastas seriously.

The perfect way to end

For this dinner, we actually did not get the tiramisu. The chocolate cake was ordered, along with an espresso martini. What else do you need me to say? Cake was rich and chocolate-y. I couldn’t finish, but that’s my taste; I don’t like things that are too rich or sweet.

Espresso martini was great! I would order again whenever I come back here.

Another basic move: the Caesar + Bruschetta combo

Saved the appetizers for last.

Here we have the classic: Caesar Salad and Bruschetta. The salad was good; average. The bruschetta was great, but also not like amazing. Honestly, I could probably re-create these two at home. But sometimes you don’t want to cook at all, so you go out instead. This is where you go.

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