7 Coffee Shops To Visit in Florence, Italy

My favorite part about staying in Florence is walking around and discovering all the cute, small cafés. As a coffee addict, it was my duty to try as many coffees from different places as I could, especially while I was living in Italy in the spring of 2018. I’ve gone to quite a few, but the ones below have really stood out to me as I visited them more than once and really appreciated the vibe each one gave off. They’re all quite different from each other. My favorite café on this list is the first one: La Menagere.

One disclaimer before you start to read is I didn’t take pictures at each cafe, so please excuse the inconsistency in providing photos versus just text for others. Those with just text I still highly recommend; I was clearly too busy doing work and enjoying the ambience to bother to take a photo, but I still remember every cafe clearly as if I was studying abroad in 2018 again.

La Menagere

I absolutely love La Menagere to the point where I follow them on Instagram and crave the day I can step foot in their shop and order an espresso and some food. There was a spicy bartender that I have a crush on, and I would always sit by the bar with my laptop to do work (hehe). This place also has a downstairs area where they have nights with live music. The schedule never lined up with mine, so unfortunately I didn’t get to hear any, but it is still on my list for when I return. This was my go-to spot for doing work, whether it was by the bar, sitting at a table on the ground floor or downstairs. The aesthetic when you first see it is very modern, minimalist, and floral (in the room next to the bar, they have a floral shop). Everything about this place is beautiful, and if you’re not already adding it to your saved list, you need to.

Ditta Artigianale

This is a very spacious cafe that I went to multiple times. They have more than one location, but I went to the one across the river. I love their espressos and croissants. I even got an avocado toast with a poached egg on top. It was amazing. Whether you’re studying abroad or just visiting and need a coffee, breakfast, or lunch, this is a perfect place to relax.

Mama’s Bakery

I only got a shot of this chocolate chip muffin I had at this bakery. I remember also getting a bagel as well (I was really missing NY at the time), and got myself a seat in the back with a view of the green backyard while doing some work for study abroad school. There were a lot of students here, so if you’re studying abroad in Florence, this is a great spot to find your crowd. They have good food too. Truth be told, I don’t remember a lot but it was a nice cafe that I would go back if I was in the area.

Cafe degli Artigiani

This is tied for #1 with Cafe Menagere. It’s a very different vibe, and it’s across the river from Menagere. My favorite thing about this place is the live music they put on occasionally (I could never be there for when they actually played sadly). There’s all these random signs and pictures that creates a funky aesthetic. The chairs and tables are all mismatching which adds to that aesthetic. I love and appreciate their seemingly nonchalance and authenticity. Such a cute cafe that is 1000% worth a visit and walk across the bridge.

Arnold Coffee

No pictures at this coffee shop, though to summarize the experience and aesthetic, it is the one that will remind you the most of an ~american~ coffee shop. A lot of study abroad students come here to do work and/or study, and it’s right near the Duomo. This is the only coffee shop that I know of that does an iced coffee like they do in the U.S. So if you’re homesick and from the states, definitely come here.

Caffe Gilli

This is the fanciest cafe on the list here. If you’re in Florence with family or friends, you’d want to come here when you’re taking a coffee and snack break from all the shopping nearby. Very cute aesthetic to post on Instagram if that is your thing.

RED Feltrinelli

This cafe is located right on Piazza Della Repubblica in a library called RED. If you’re book-obsessed like me, you will love it here. I had to stop myself from buying so many books (the cookbook section is amazing). Order your coffee and some food and sit yourself at a commune dining table with your headphones on and read a book that you purchased. When you’re done, take a stroll through the Piazza passing the carousel.

Did I miss any cafés in Florence? Comment below and let me know!

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