Restaurant Review: Wall Street Grill, FiDi, NYC

Come here when:

  • You’re looking for fine dining, specifically Glatt Kosher, restaurant in Manhattan
  • You’re going out to dinner with a big group of family/friends
  • You’re looking for a nice date spot (with rooftop views)

Ambiance description:

Fancy. Classy. Modern.



I recently checked the cocktail menu again to find the name, but it looks like they change their cocktails out often. Anyways, this I know for a fact is a fruity, spicy margarita. It wasn’t too alcoholic, just the right amount to order something that’s fun and pretty light so you don’t get too drunk. 10/10 would recommend if they have a margarita cocktail on the menu!


Charred Cauliflower

This was my favorite appetizer by far. I love roasted cauliflower: the roastiness (I just made that up),and then softness when you bite into it. And the sauce on the bottom is not to be missed. It’s a tahini sauce with saffron. So flavorful. And the pistachios and raisins on top for much needed texture. This is a must appetizer to share. 10/10

Disclaimer: I personally did not eat this pastrami flatbread, but from the looks of the pastrami, it looks amazing. Forgive me for the lack of details, but I forgot what the sauce is on top. If you’re a fan of pastrami, I’d recommend you get it (I mean, just *look* at it!). It was gone within minutes at the table if that says anything.

Flatbread of the day: Pastrami
Tuna PIzzette

I am a sucker for anything tuna. This was so good. I love the mayo on top and the soy glaze on the bottom. Lots of flavor from those. Tuna tasted good too. If you love a tuna roll, I’d highly recommend you order this. It comes with 4 pizzette, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or splitting. 9/10

Another disclaimer: I did not eat this burger (I had the salmon which I describe below). However, I tried the fries and they were actually great. I personally like any kind of fries, but the ones that are thicker where it’s crispy on the outside and soft/mushy on the inside is where it’s really at. The burger is huge, so keep that in mind (leftovers, anyone?).

Cowboy Burger

Sadly, what I had for my entree I took a blurry picture and was too excited to be bothered to take a good picture. I had the Atlantic Salmon dish, with potatoes, pearl onions, mushrooms, and a pea puree. It was really delicious. I split the dish with someone; that was the perfect amount for me because I had quite a few appetizers. The salmon was not dry at all, actually quite most. The pea puree was good too. I don’t remember it having a lot of flavor, but it complemented the dish. If you’re a pescatarian and your group of friends or family choose this place, this is a great dish to have. 8.5/10

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