Restaurant Review: Shalom Ya’ll, Portland, Oregon

Come here when:

  • You’re craving Mediterranean food, more specifically a good hummus
  • You’re looking for a date on the casual side
  • You’re going out to dinner with family


Modern. Chic. Classy.


After having too many beers from previous days in Portland, I refrained from alcohol this time. However, my friend got the berry cider pictured here. Tasting notes of the cider include: not overly bitter and a good balance of fruit. It’s a huge bottle too, enough to split between two or maybe three people. 9/10


This was a great salad with a lemon/oil dressing. Paired with the hummus and pita below, it’s a great appetizer to have on a date. Some may say that it’s a tad bitter because of the oil containing some bitter spices. Overall though, it’s a decent salad. The lettuce and sunflower seeds provides a really good/satisfying crunch. The carrots add color and more flavor. Radishes are a little too thin to provide crunch, but their flavor complements the dish. I like the simplicity of the dressing: only lemon and oil. There was a slight bitter after-taste because of it though. If you’re fine with bitter foods, then definitely order. I’d order it if I was out with a large group of people. 7.5/10

Okay! This is the good stuff. The thing you absolutely *need* to get at this Mediterranean restaurant. This is the roasted vegetable hummus. Vegetables include zucchini and corn mostly (I don’t remember other veggies if there were any). So full of flavor. The dish was wiped clean with pita. Get any of the hummus dishes, but this one was out of the park delicious. 10/10

Close up of the homemade pita that accompanies the hummus!!!

Crispy. Skin. Salmon. If that doesn’t convince you to get this entree, then I don’t know what will. The skin was super crispy to the point where you question if it’s burnt (but trust me it is not; eat the skin!). The tomato salad is a great accompaniment to the cooked salmon. Very bright, light, and much needed acidity. There’s labneh underneath the salmon. I really only ate the salmon and the tomatoes. If you’ve never had labneh before, it’s similar to yogurt but more tangy. I personally didn’t eat that part, but everything else was divine. The salmon wasn’t dry at all. The skin was perfect. Tomatoes were a great supporting actress. 9.5/10

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