4 Charleston Restaurants Perfect For Dining Solo

I don’t know if anyone realizes this, but you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed or feel like you’re getting judged for sitting at a bar by yourself. I was a very self-conscious person, always felt judged if I did anything even slight for standing out. Truthfully, no one cares. Everyone, including yourself, is more focused on themselves and how they look. It is so freeing to just sit by yourself, enjoy a cocktail, maybe an appetizer or two, and judge other people (but make sure you’re not noticeable). Just looking around at everyone without staring too long on individuals. As a fellow introvert, it’s gotten me out of my shell a lot. I love making small talk with the bartender, asking him/her about their favorite cocktails or their preferred wine, and getting to know the area more from their perspective if it’s not New York.

These restaurants below are all great dinner options, but at the same time, they’re also a nice setting for people who need a break from life and want to treat themselves to a solo night out. I personally love getting a fun cocktail when I’m out solo. I’ll always bring a book with me too to keep busy, and it’s a good conversation starter if there’s a lot of people near you and one of them happens to know the book you’re reading and is curious. As always, let me know if I missed any restaurants that you would add to this list. Happy traveling! xx


Six Toed Cat!

Frannie & The Fox

Tear Down This Wall!

Eleve Rooftop Bar

Espresso Martini!

Le Farfalle


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