Review: Tate’s Cafe & Bakery, Boston, MA

Come here when:

  • You’re with family or friends and need a breakfast/lunch spot
  • You’re looking for breakfast on-the-go with your coffee
  • You’re looking for a cafe where there’s room to do work and eat/drink coffee

Ambience description:

Chill. Busy (during the morning and midday). Cute.


Mint lemonade

When I sat down, I got a mint lemonade along with my brunch food of choice below. It was very refreshing. It was a really good balance of mint and lemonade. I don’t know if I can describe it well, but it’s the kind of lemonade that leaves a certain dry feeling on the front of your teeth. So yes, it’s definitely sour, not too sweet. A fine choice on a summer day if you don’t drink coffee. 7/10

Side note: I came back again and got hot coffee. I can tell you that the coffee was good! You will not be disappointed. I got it with almond milk, and the coffee wasn’t too creamy.


This! Is! So! Good! Words cannot describe how much I love eggs. These poached eggs absolutely hit the spot. On top of toast, smashed avocado (still chunky which is my favorite avo toast preparation), and two pretty thick slices of tomato. I love the herbs on top also. Honestly, just needed hot sauce and it’s a 10/10. I forgot to put hot sauce; it was that good. But nonetheless, it was amazing and I would definitely get it again.

9.5/10 (+5 for *Cholula* hot sauce!)

This is a very a famous cafe, and I know this is a short review, but there’s so much to try. When you’re in Boston, you have to come at least twice. For breakfast and lunch at least. You must try their coffee, something from their pastry window, and even get a loaf of bread! This is a cafe that you cannot pass up on. I also love the vibes of the place. It’s a perfect cafe when you have a lot of work to do. Bring your laptop, order your food, and sit at a table for one or at the long rectangular table. Let me know what you order besides the poached egg here, because I would love to know what else I need to get when I come back to Boston.

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