Review: Retro Bar, Portland, OR

Come here when:

  • You miss playing your favorite video from the old days with friends
  • You want to impress your date (and beat them) at your favorite game
  • You’re looking for an actual fun night with friends


Old School. Fun. Homey.

My inner child is very happy


Fire Flower Curry on the bottom

I forgot what the top bowl is featuring, but the bottom is a fire flower curry. The fire means that this is *actually* spicy. If you have a high spice tolerance (I would say, at least a 7/10 on the spice scale), then definitely order. It was a bit too spicy for me and I couldn’t finish it, but the rice helped a lot. Also, this dish does have cilantro (as you can see), for people who don’t think it taste like soap. The food menu is Asian overall. I also had the Golden Snax as an appetizer while my friend and I were playing Mario Kart. Those were so good! They’re made up of Korean rice crackers, seaweed bits, roasted nuts, and other spices. 10/10 on the Golden Snax.

7.5/10 on the Fire Flower Curry.

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