7 Breakfast/Lunch Spots To Hit in Portland, Oregon

I was in the PDX for about a week. Throughout that time, I went to some amazing breakfast and lunch spots. I was staying on the east side of the river near Alberta Street, so most of the recommendations below are in that area. There’s one that is on the west side, though I don’t remember where exactly. Wherever you go for breakfast or lunch in Portland, Oregon, always get coffee with your meal (unless you don’t drink, then go for a tea or something different!). You can’t go wrong with anything, and the people are so nice here, so be sure to tip well (especially given the circumstances of the pandemic and all, people in the hospitality industry need the support). Comment if I’m missing anything (I’m all ears for what you think are the best breakfast and lunch spots in the PDX are!). Hope you enjoy 🙂

1. Tin Shed Garden Cafe (a full review here!)

Veggie Pesto Scramble With The Works *heart eyes*

2. Petite Provence Boulangerie & Patisserie

Goat cheese, sundried tomato, and spinach croissant! (coffee not pictured)

I may have only gotten a croissant and coffee, but if i had more time in the city, I would have stayed for a full meal here. This croissant was actually really really good.

3. Diner in Downtown Portland

Veggie omelet with potato hash and toast (hot sauce not pictured)

I don’t exactly know which diner I went to, but I’m sure if you search up diners on the west side, you’ll find this exact offering. You really can’t go wrong an omelette and potatoes.

4. Just Bob

Huge waffle with banana, peanut butter, and berries on the side!

This is on Alberta Street. The food is great, and the decor is even better. I love the vibes of this place. It has an old bike frame hanging on the wall, there’s comfy couches and chairs. It’s so cozy. I want to come back here again, with a book, get coffee, and read in one of their chairs.

5. Supernova

Vegan egg scramble (made with JustEgg) on top of avocado toast with a creamy sauce!

If you’ve never tried vegan scrambled eggs, you definitely need to try it. I’m not talking about a tofu scramble. This is clearly not tofu. This is made using JustEgg (which you could buy at WholeFoods); that’s made from mung bean I believe. The texture is very similar to the real thing. Love their menu here, and would definitely 100% come back here again to try something else.

6. Proud Mary

Avocado toast with a side of soft scrambled eggs *heaven*

This is an Australian cafe, so obviously I had to go for their avocado toast. And I love eggs, so I got that too. Their scrambled eggs were soft and not dry at all, just the way scrambled eggs should be. The avocado toast is on thick pieces of bread, a perfect accompaniment. This is just a match made in heaven, and I love Australian cafes for their quaint little vibes. This place is a must.

7. Fuel Cafe

Breakfast burrito filled with potatoes, egg, cheese, and chips/salsa/sour cream on the side!

The absolute, biggest burrito I’ve ever had in my life. Loaded with potatoes, egg, and cheese, this one will put you to sleep after. If you’re a small-ish person like me, I highly recommend you eat half and save the other for your next meal. It also comes with chips and salsa too, so please, take your time and savor each bite. Don’t forget to add hot sauce (if you can tolerate it)!

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