Review: Tin Shed Garden Cafe, Portland, OR

Come here when:

  • You’re craving good old breakfast/lunch comfort food
  • You’re looking for a good outdoor spot for brunch with family/friends
  • You’re looking for a brunch place with great biscuits


Funky (i.e., see below). Laid-back. Crowded.


Veggie Pesto

I absolutely love biscuits and latkes. Together on a plate = an amazing, filling breakfast. The white cream is cream cheese, but I didn’t have that. When I tell you, come hungry. I mean it. I was stuffed after this, and I didn’t have anything to eat before. The scramble underneath the pesto was great. The eggs weren’t dry. The pesto was a nice touch to the veggies. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the kale. A lot of places don’t prepare kale right where they leave the stems on and it’s too chewy to eat. Not pleasant. The sweet potato was cooked, but I prefer if it was roasted more. All the other veggies were fine. The best thing on this plate is by far the biscuit! It was a great biscuit: crumbly, soft, buttery. They had a raspberry sauce/jam on the table in a squeeze table, so I added that on top of the biscuit. It was *chef’s kiss*.

The veggies added a lot of nutrition to this breakfast. Now that I know how huge their plates, I may or may not get this again to eat on my own. I would get this to share with someone.

7/10 (+1 for the biscuit!!)

Hot Coffee with a side of almond milk. I love the mug!

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