Restaurant Review: Barcelona Wine Bar, Boston, MA

Come here when:

  • You’re in the mood for wine and tapas
  • You’re looking for an early date spot
  • You think an underrated appetizer is the toasted bread and olive oil

Ambience description:

Chic. Simple. Modern.


Free toasty bread with olive oil!

The bread is toasted really well, like super fluffy and toasted on the outside. The olive oil was great too on its own. There was some subtle fruitiness to it. This was just a really nice start to the meal. Oh, and the bread is free! I should have asked for balsamic vinegar to add to the olive oil, but I will remember for next time. 10/10

The Ensalada Mixta

This salad is pretty good. I personally like the romaine lettuce was cut. It still had crunch. The onion wasn’t too much for my taste, and it didn’t have that raw flavor. Olives were a nice touch, though I would’ve liked it if they were de-pitted and cut into circles. Tomatoes were larger than I thought, but I *love* tomatoes so it didn’t really bother me. One thing I will say is that there was too much salt. It felt like to me they added the kind of chunky salts at the end because I felt that crunch when I was eating. Overall, it was good but a lot of room for improvement. No regrets; I would come back but just not choose this salad again. 5/10

The Salmon Crudo

This restaurant apparently loves their salt, because the salmon was finished with that chunky, Maldon salt (may or may not have been Maldon; it had the same texture!). Other than the dish being salty, I liked it! The salmon was cut thinly. It melted in my mouth a bit. The cucumber juice was refreshing and a good addition to the salmon. The salmon was the star of the dish. I didn’t really have much of the radish (okay, maybe half). But with raw salmon, you don’t want to have too many other ingredients that will outshine it, so I think this was pretty good (better than the salad). 7/10

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