Restaurant Review: Uchu Sushi, Portland, OR

Come here when:

  • You’re in the mood for Japanese food
  • You’re looking for a pretty casual sushi date spot
  • You’re meeting a few friends, or want to take yourself out for sushi!


Casual. Simple. Relaxed.

*disclaimer: I ate outside here, so I can’t tell you what it feels like eating indoors, but from what I saw on the outside and stepping inside, it was the same vibes.


Vegetable Gyoza With A Soy Sauce

This is a really good appetizer to share if you’re getting a bigger entree for yourself, so you don’t fill yourself up. Otherwise, if I was eating solo I would also get this but know that I’d be able to eat less sushi.

There’s really nothing special about these dumplings. They’re fried, filled with some veggies. But it wasn’t like “this is really good”. It wasn’t expensive either, so if I come here again, I’d maybe get it because it’s one of the few apps I can eat (given I don’t eat any shellfish). 7/10*

I must note that my friend who accompanied here (who knows her gyoza better than me) didn’t like the gyoza at all. Her rate is 2/10.

If you’re starving, then I’d say why not; just get it once.

The Hama Lover roll is mostly yellowtail (hama = yellowtail with avocado and cucumber, green onions, and wasabi mayo. You could taste the wasabi mayo on top, but it wasn’t too spicy (my spice tolerance is in the middle, so do with that what you will). The roll was pretty decent! Fish was good, fresh. I am a sucker for yellowtail. 8/10

My friend got the Energy Roll, and she would also give the roll an 8/10. Didn’t blow her away, but it was good. It has spicy tuna, avocado, eel, salmon, and unagi sauce.

Hama Lover Roll in the front; Energy Roll in the back

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