Restaurant Review: OK Omens, Portland, OR

Come here when:

  • You want to bring your date to a wine bar with good food
  • You’re going out with a few friends for a chill night to drink wine and eat
  • You’re in the mood for pasta and wine


Casual. Simple. Modern.

*Disclaimer: we ate outside, but when I went to use the bathroom inside I felt these vibes passing by the indoor dining setup. When outdoors, I felt like I could get these same vibes from the seating and plate choices.


Refreshing Orange Wine

Ever since I tried orange wine in Boston for the first time at Krasi (see my restaurant review), I’ve become more into that type of wine. I saw it on the menu, with the word “Refreshing” and I just knew I had to try. Orange wine, for those who haven’t had it yet, has a similar smell and taste to white wine. It’s light, and can be crisp and fruity. I really liked this one. It went well with the pasta I chose, and the tuna tartare appetizer (below!). I would definitely get this again. It was one of those wines I could order another glass of.



This is like a caesar salad, but elevated and with different ingredients. It’s like a ceasar where it was the same elements: crunchy/crispy lettuce, creamy/tangy dressing, “croutons” (corn nuts in this case), and cotija cheese instead of the usual parmesan. I loved this. I’m also in the cilantro-lover group, so those sprigs were a delight to munch on.

10/10 would order again!

Torito Salad
Tuna Butsu & Potato Chips

I really really liked this. Tuna and avocado are a classic combination, so you know it’s going to be good. The chips were a nice touch to scoop up the tartare, and provided the needed saltiness. JalapeƱo wasn’t too hot in my opinion, probably because there were barely any seeds. It was a rather small portion, so if you’re eating out with more than two people, you should get at least two orders. One critique I have is that there’s a lot of avocado, so it’s kind of like one texture and you can’t really get the tuna’s own flavor. But it’s still good nonetheless. I’d order again if/when I came back with friends.


If you’re on TikTok and/or you know pop culture, you’ve seen this pasta on the internet before. It’s the famous TikTok feta pasta! It wasn’t out of this world, but it was really good. I was a little disappointed that the menu said rigatoni but they came out with this pasta shape (it’s pasta though; I love it). Contrary to the TikTok pasta, they added here olives which I really liked! It gave the dish another edge to it. The olives and basil made the dish.


Monique Likes Olives In The Viral TikTok Pasta
Dungeness Crab & Snap Pea Pasta

I did not eat this dish; my friend did. Here’s what she had to say:

very creamy and smooth, but a bit too tangy [for my personal taste]. Snap peas felt a bit undercooked, but balanced the dish. 8/10

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