Restaurant Review: Citrus & Salt, Boston, MA

Come here when:

  • It’s a Tuesday and you know what that means!
  • You’re looking for margaritas with your girlfriends!
  • You’re really in the mood for Mexican food

Ambience description:

Chill. Cute. Fun.


Passion Fruit Margarita!

This was a really good drink. You could get your marg frozen or on the rocks (I chose the latter). Flavor was great. Finished the drink. Would get the margarita again, but I would branch out and try a different flavor, like the guava mango jalapeño. 9/10

Passionfruit margarita


Jalapeño chips and guacamole

Okay! Let me preface this and say that I was eating solo, and getting the chips/guac *plus* another food item was not the smartest because I was left stuffed and unable to finish either. Nevertheless, the chips here are amazing. They’re not just seasoned with salt; they have a little spice on them. The guac is just smashed guac, with cheese and thinly sliced jalapeño (was not spicy and easy to move to the side). This was a perfect pair. I really only recommend you get this to share. If you’re in Boston and are thinking of doing a solo dinner, you should think about just getting the chips/guac if you really want it, or just get one entree.


Beer battered fish tacos (2/serving)

I really underestimated the fish tacos here. They were much larger than I estimated. I had room for one of them after I had the chips/guac. Though eating that one, it was SO good! The fish was crispy and soft on the inside. The sauce was full of flavor and really complimented the fish, the slaw, and everything. This is the making of a perfect fish taco: fried fish, cabbage slaw, pico de gallo. *chef’s kiss*

If you get these, you absolutely must squeeze lime; the fried fish and the sauce needs that extra acidity.


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