Restaurant Review: Krasi, Boston, MA

Come here when:

  • You want to take yourself out for a nice dinner (at the bar)
  • You want to impress your date
  • You’re in the mood for seafood and wine

Ambience description:

Modern. Simple. Fancy.

Just look at the bathroom aesthetic!
More bathroom aesthetic (I mean…)!
The check is brought in this mini backgammon set! Cute!


I could just taste the bread now *drool*

This! Bread! is out of this world. So fluffy, so soft, and light. The cheese that accompanies it compliments it well. The cheese is a tad salty, so just be aware: a little goes a long way. You get one bread per serving, so if you’re sitting at a bar having dinner solo, there’s no shame in ordering another one if you’re still hungry (because I did). 11/10

My first orange wine!

I don’t remember the particular wine on the list, but it was an orange wine. I asked the bartender which one he recommended and this was the one he gave me and I liked. It’s similar to a white wine: light, crisp, smooth. Very good wine to have after the bread, and before/after your main (you might want a second glass after your main). 9.5/10

Bird’s eye view of the grouper dish!
Oh, she’s thick and delicious

Okay, this is a grouper, part of the sea bass family. It’s surrounded in a tomato stew with cooked vegetables (onions and peppers namely). The fish is cooked to perfection; all you need is your spoon to slice it and have with some of the soup. The soup is a bit spicy but not like *super* spicy (4/10 level personally and I love spicy food). It’s a very flavorful broth and the fish is seasoned well. This is a fancy restaurant, or else I would’ve licked the bowl clean, but the bartender gave me bread to soak up the remaining broth. 11/10

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