Restaurant Review: Douzo, Manhattan, NYC

Come here when:

  • You’re searching for a 3rd date spot
  • You want to take yourself on a solo handroll sushi date night
  • You’re in the LES and want to get dinner with a friend who loves sushi

Ambience description:

Modern. Simplistic. Creative.

Love the Anthony Bourdain picture


The setup before the wait staff brings you your handrolls
So fresh, so delicious. A MUST VISIT

This restaurant is a 10/10 place to get fresh hand rolls made with top-quality fish. I’ve been on a date before, and it’s also great for that (if you’re comfortable eating with your hands in front of someone you’re dating). I opt to sit by the bar to watch the chef make the hand rolls up close. I love the sushi-making process; so precise, quick, clean cuts. It makes me want to try making it at home.

If you don’t come here and order hand rolls, then you’re doing it wrong because it’s what they’re known for, and most of their menu consists of it. They do have maki rolls if you want the classics, though. I came here twice in the past two years (really wish I came here more often and lived in the area, but then I think I’d be broke, LOL), and can confirm the yellowtail, tuna, and salmon are phenomenal. The seaweed is crisp, the rice is seasoned well, and by the first bite, you can taste the fishiness, and the quality of the catch.

I’m not sure what the traditional way of eating sushi is, but I like to have ginger in between my hand rolls as a palate cleanser. Personally, I use soy sauce sparingly; just a dab will do because the saltiness and flavor of the sauce can overpower the roll for me.

Didn’t try the sake here, but next time I’m here, I’m definitely going to try and report back here with an update!

If you’re coming here solo, I recommend 4 hand rolls (I’m a 5’3″ woman, and that filled me up significantly; drinking water in between plates added to that level of satiety too).

If you live in NYC, please visit this place! You will not regret it. If you’re traveling, make sure to save this restaurant and make a plan to go when you’re in the area.

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