Restaurant Review: The Harbinger, Charleston, SC

Come here when:

  • You wanna get work done at a chill coffee shop
  • You love Australian cafes
  • You’re meeting a friend for a casual breakfast or lunch

Ambience description:

Green. Rustic. Chill.


I have had many egg sandwiches over the last few months. Let me tell you this one is in my top 5. The eggs are cooked perfectly; not overdone. The sauce is paired excellently with the rest of the ingredients: the arugula and cheese. The bread is soft and squishy. I’m used to the bread being toasted, but this was a nice change of pace. It was definitely much easier to fit the sandwich in my mouth. Disclaimer: I got this to go and ate it on the way to the airport, but it still tasted amazing. I would give it a 9.5/10.


This is an oat milk iced latte. The coffee was strong here, and tasted good. They didn’t pour too much oat milk to not make it look like mostly mylk. 9/10

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