Restaurant Review: Frannie & The Fox, Charleston, SC

Come here when:

  • You want to sit at a nice bar with a drink and some small plates
  • You’re going on a second/third/fourth date
  • You’re out on the town with a few girlfriends; this is where you start with dinner!

Ambience description:

Classy. Fancy. Modern.


This is a great appetizer dish for one, or even two. Beans and olives are a great combo as an app, and the orange zest really brightens it up but in a subtle way. There’s some olive oil to give it smoothness. They chose great olives for this dish; I would personally not like it if it was Kalamata or Black olives. I think those are too powerful of flavors in this dish. Green olives still have flavor, but they’re also more fruity, light, and juicy. The beans are cooked well. Not too mushy, but not hard either. Just cooked to hold their shape/not fall apart. I would definitely eat this again if I came back solo. 9/10

Honesty time: I took a break from caesar salads after having too much of them during my middle school years, and going to so many bar and bat mitzvahs that always had a Caesar Salad. I’m here to say that I am back on my Caesar BS, but I learned to not overdo it. This particular Caesar salad was actually better than your classic Caesar salad at an Italian joint. The breadcrumbs are not huge pieces; they are toasted to golden perfection. The lettuce is cut into good lengths. I’m digging the additional sprinkle of feta. You don’t see that often and I give them a point for that unique spin. The dressing is not strong on the anchovy; you know it’s there though because you sense some umami flavor. 9/10


This is called the Tear Down This Wall. I’m predictable. in the sense that I love my cocktails to have some spice (hint: the tajin on the rim), and I always prefer tequila as the liquor. This is a great choice for someone who also prefers those things, or just one of them. Not too strong, but it’s also not straight-up juice. I finished it by the end of the meal, which is always a good sign.


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