Review: Harken’s Cafe & Bakery, Charleston, SC

Come here when:

  • You’re in the mood for a cute brunch with some friends!
  • You’re craving a really good breakfast sandwich to stay or to go
  • You’re solo, and want a nice place to have something to eat and possibly read and/or people watch

Ambience description:

Basic. Rustic. Cute&Cozy

Iced Coffee:

It can’t get more simple than a small cup of plain black iced coffee. As you can tell by the photo, it’s not completely black. But the coffee still had some flavor. It’s not out of this world, but it’s pretty good if you’re in need of caffeine and come here for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.


Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich:

OKAYYYY. I’m just a New Yorker who has tried a real southern biscuit for the first time, and let me tell you this! was! it! Granted, the biscuit was made with ricotta, so it’s not your typical southern biscuit. However, do not discount that. The biscuit makes the sandwich. It is so fluffy, yet dense at the same time. Crumbly, but holds itself enough so you’re still eating a sandwich with the contents of it together. Inside is scrambled eggs, cheddar, and pickled shallot (you can add avocado or bacon if that’s your thing too). This sandwich was amazing. The eggs had a lot of flavor, and nothing beats egg + cheese in a sandwich. My only regret is not putting hot sauce on this beautiful sandwich to add some heat, but I was too mesmerized by the biscuit to get up from my chair.

11/10 (12/10 I presume with hot sauce)

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