Restaurant Review: Wagamama, Manhattan, NYC

Come here when:

  • Meeting a friend
  • In the mood for ramen
  • Out with a small group of friends to get food before you head to the bars

Ambience description:

Simple. Refined. Cozy.


Eggplant + Mushroom Bao Buns:

Okay, you will think I am exaggerating but these bao buns are little *clouds*. They’re so fluffy and light. Contrast that to the crunchy fried eggplant. I’m drooling just thinking about it. There’s also the cooked mushroom! And the SAUCE! It’s like a creamy, mayo-y sauce. You can split with a friend, but also no shame in having two to yourself. 12/10


Yasai Yaki Soba
Kare Burosu Ramen

As I’m writing this, I’m trying to recall the flavors. The main one in the dish is soy sauce and sesame. This dish really packs in a lot of flavors, though. It’s not all soy sauce. Everything was amazing; the vegetables were great. There’s some crunchy stuff on top for added texture. Great vegan option! 10/10

Spice level: 0/10 (unless you add a chili oil that comes on the table)

Okay, full stop: you need this soup. It will nourish your soul and will make your nose run because it’s actually pretty spicy. Those chili peppers are not just for aesthetics. The broth itself has spice. The fried tofu is great. The noodles are on the thicker end, and lots of greens and veggies to make it a well-rounded meal. I got green tea to go with it. Great move. 11/10

Spice level: 7.5/10

Because look at those noodles! I *love* noodles. In any cuisine. These ones are so so good. I hope my restaurant review convinces you to go here if you’re in New York City or fly to NYC to eat this food (and other amazing foods; check out my other restaurant reviews and guides!).

Enjoy 🙂

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