Restaurant Review: Veselka, East Village, NY

Come here when:

  • You have the drunchies or munchies
  • You’re craving good old comfort food (fried pierogi + latkes for the win!)
  • You’re with a really close friend

Ambience description:

Diner. Crowded. Laid Back.


Borscht (large soup): truth be told, this was my first ever borscht. And it really set the bar high. Bonus points for containing a mushroom dumpling (or pierogi?) in the soup. The bread greatly compliments the savoriness as it has a sweetness to it. Bread was not toasted, but still perfect for sopping up the soup. 10/10


Fried Pierogi: Choose between a plate of 4 or 8 along with the toppings. I go for the Potato, Cheese, Mushroom/Sauerkraut, Potato/Mushroom). Always choose Fried over Boiled for the texture. The sour cream and apple sauce are perfect accompaniments. 11/10

Crepe with ricotta cream: Not my typical go-to, but very good. Nothing orgasmic though. The filling to crepe ratio was fair. Nice ldessert to go along with the savory pierogi. 9/10

Latkes: These are the biggest latkes I’ve ever had. Crispy lacey potatoey goodness. Perfect in every way. Not too oily either, but you won’t not notice it. Sour cream + apple sauce = <3. 11/10


Boiled Pierogi with cherry compote & a yogurt-y sauce: This exceeded my expectations. I had thought boiled pierogi wasn’t going to turn out so well, but this proved me wrong. It works so much better as a dessert than a main, in my opinion. The softness of the pierogi, savoriness of the cheesy filling, and sweetness of the sauce was a perfect bite. If the piergoi and latkes don’t fill you up already, this is definitely a must order. 10/10

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