Restaurant Review: Heidi’s House, Upper East Side, NY

Come here when:

  • You meet up with a homie
  • You’re on your nth date with a person
  • You just really want good food and sangria

Ambiance description in 3 words:

Casual. Bit of Elegance. Unique.


Sangria: Disclaimer: I didn’t get a good picture of this drink, but next time I’m back, I will order it again and take a good picture to show its essence. Just picture a red wine sangria, on ice, with a thick orange slice. The sangria is a good balance where it doesn’t taste like straight-up juice and is not too alcoholic either. 10/10


Arugula salad: I love arugula salad, and this was pretty good. But, the red onion was cut too large, and too much of it ruins the dish. There was a lot of arugula compared to the other ingredients, but I guess that’s what you get when you get an Arugula salad. 7/10

Tuna Tartare: I mean, what’s better than tuna and avocado? This is a classic pair, and the ratio of tuna to avocado is great. I love the added grapefruit. I never thought to add fruit to this dish, but it works because it needs acidity after the fattiness from the avocado and tuna. 9/10

Mac & Cheese with choice of truffle: My favorite part is the crispy bits stuck to the pan. The truffle wasn’t overwhelming; I really had to taste hard to find it. The stretch factor is real; the cheese is on point. (You can get other toppings besides truffle; I’d recommend getting a different topping that’s more worth it). 8/10

Bruschetta: Not your typical bruschetta because they put melted cheese on the bread before the tomato part. Really adds another layer to the dish! Big fan of this chunky bruschetta. Not too much red onion. The right amount of vinegar/acidity, cheese balances out, and the toasted crostini! 10/10


Sticky date pudding: This was intensely sweet but delicious. Definitely split with at least one person. Personally, I don’t have a *huge* sweet tooth, so I couldn’t finish it with a friend, but it was delicious nonetheless. The caramel sauce on top of the dense, moist cake was great. Whipped cream on the side is a waste, in my opinion; it doesn’t provide a lot as it’s very airy. 8.5/10

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