Restaurant Review: Bodega Wine Bar, Santa Monica, CA

Come here when:

  • You want to go back to the good old times sitting at a bar enjoying your own company
  • You’re on a date
  • You want to read and have a light dinner by yourself

Ambience description in 3 words:

Open. Minimal. Cozy.


Afternoon Delight: I love a good tequila cocktail. This one hit the spot. So good. Light, bubbly, refreshing. It did not take me long to finish this and order another cocktail. 10/10


Classic Tomato Bruschetta: all the signs of a classic bruschetta except with one twist: balsamic vinegar. I gotta be honest, it went a tad bit heavy on the balsamic, but I didn’t mind. Just more to sop up with the crostini. Speaking of, the bread was on point. Lightly toasted with olive oil. *chef’s kiss* Perfect accompaniment with the cocktail above (and another one later that was unfortunately not photographed: White Tiger, fantastic!). 8.5/10

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