Restaurant Review: Elephante, Santa Monica, CA

Come here when:

  • Solo dining
  • On a cute, lil’ fancy (first, second, or third) date
  • You want to people-watch
  • Looking to enjoy the sunset over the beach over dinner and a cocktail

Ambience description in 3 words:

Upscale. Beach Chic. Fancy.


Elephante (with choice of tequila): citrusy, sweet, just the right amount of alcoholic strength. 10/10


Gem Lettuce: Caesar dressing made it feel like a classic but the pistachios and sunflower seeds was something else. Great crunch. Love the lettuce. Large pieces but I don’t mind. 9/10.

Vodka Sauce: a tiny bit spicy personally, perfect in every way. Not too saucy, great pasta shape to collect the sauce. 11/10. Would definitely order again.

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