Restaurant Review: The Rose, Venice, CA

Come here when:

  • Solo dining
  • Out with a few friends
  • Date night (first or not)

Ambience description in 3 words:

Cozy. Casual. Chic.


Betta-carrotine: sweet, smoky from the mezcal, great balance of flavors. 10/10

Poblano Escobar: smoky, a little bitter from the celery but balanced with the sweetness from the agave. 10/10

Food from the Dinner menu:

Bluefin tuna tartare toast: SO. MANY. FLAVOR PROFILES. slight acidity and sweetness from the cukes, creamy from the yuzu mayo, umami from the tuna, and of course, the crusty bread. 10/10

Ricotta gnocchi: creamy/cheesy with a peppery bite. Pretty much like a Cacio e Pepe but in gnocchi form. 9.5/10

Sprouting cauliflower: Cauliflower roasted to perfection (soft + chewy, tiny bit crunchy), krispies added more crunchy texture. The dill is outstanding here, plays well with the black garlic sauce. 8/10

Tortellini: (Never had anything like this). Fava bean mix inside contrasted with the cheesy sauce and sweetness from the black garlic molasses. 10/10

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