Restaurant Review: Sushi Enya, Marina Del Rey, CA

Come here when:

  • Solo dining
  • You’re by Venice beach in L.A.
  • You want to splurge a little on the finer things
  • You want to people-watch while you eat dinner

Ambience description in 3 words:

Quiet. Spacious. Minimalist.


Salmon handroll: 9/10 super fresh salmon, not too “fishy”, crunchy seaweed, rice with flavor (some might say it overpowers the salmon)

Yellowtail: (I *love* yellowtail). Yellowtail was fantastic, love the slight wasabi flavor in the rice (not spicy). 10/10

Toro taku: Tuna was A+. Personally felt like there wasn’t enough pickled radish or green onion. Ratio of tuna to rice was a little off, but otherwise would order again (maybe ask for extra green onion). 8/10


Green tea mochi with whipped cream: By the time it came to me, it was a bit melty but the flavor was incredible. Not too bitter, not too sweet. Just like ice cream with the rice dough on the outside *chef’s kiss”. (disclaimer: restaurant gave this to me on the house, so automatically bumps it up to 10/10).

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