Olive-Oil Fried Egg

Of course I have to do a recipe for a fried egg. I absolutely love a runny yolk. Whenever I’m out to brunch, I will order any egg dish that will give me that satisfactory egg drip. Though brunch gets expensive, and I’ve learned to master the art of the perfect fried runny egg at home.

This comes after many, many attempts where I would overcook the egg and the yolk is past its peak or undercook and the whites are a bit runny. I’m here to teach you my way of making a fried egg. It involves one egg, one oil, one pan, and your undivided attention. Seriously, you shouldn’t keep your eyes off of it. The whole process is rather quick, and I wouldn’t want you to risk looking away for a minute and leaving your egg to cook longer than it should. You deserve the perfect fried egg with the #yolkporn you love. I hope you’re as eggs-cited as I am to try this recipe (I had to)!

crispy, sunny side up egg with the defined soft yolk
This fried egg is has turmeric and red pepper flakes, along with some charred diced scallions!

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